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The Practice 

Our practice is conveniently located amongst the main shops in Cammeray and has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Parking spaces are easily accessible, with parking lots within a minute walk to our practice. Enter through the glass doors and then go to level 1. When you come out of the lift follow the hallway until you reach the second last office, suite 109/ 506 Miller st.

About Robyn Rice

Robyn Rice is our principal podiatrist and has been practicing in the Cammeray area for over 20 years. Robyn has over 32 years of experience as a podiatrist and combines specialist treatment and assessment to assist you to live an active, happy and healthy life free from pain!






Robyn shares that she has noticed ​most people don't think about their feet until they begin to experience a painful condition that slows then down or limits their life in some way. It is only at these times that we begin to realize that our feet truly are our foundation and how our lives can be impacted by painful feet and lower limbs leading to a lack of mobility.  In the many years that Robyn has been assessing and treating foot and lower limb conditions she has realized that early and regular treatment and assessment is the key to maintaining optimal foot and lower limb health, mobility and optimal function.

She also finds it extremely common that a large percentage of clients tend to wear inappropriate footwear that is generally too small or the wrong shape for their feet, that often leads to unnecessary pain and discomfort. Robyn shares that sometimes by simply wearing the appropriate size and style footwear, it will optimise the level of foot function and comfort. It is also important to maintain balance and strength as clients grow older, so Robyn is also open to assessing her clients risk of falling. Doing specific additional strengthening and stretching exercises may ensure they can to continue enjoying walking as they get older. If we are both mobile and strong and have good balance we are able to live our lives to the fullest as we age.

Robyn also enjoys working with children and sporting clients who place high demands on their soft tissue structures, joints and bones. It is so important to also assess the client's training regiment to ensure they are building up their programs gradually to allow the body to adapt to higher levels of training load. Robyn's background as a competitive athlete has assisted her to understand more deeply where and how the overloading is taking place on the foot and lower limb that is leading to injury, pain and tightness or lack of mobility. Robyn believes it is necessary to assess the client holistically to find the root cause of the issues they are experiencing and to prevent further stress on the foot and lower limb. 

Robyn also enjoys working with other health care professionals and specialists to ensure the client is receiving the best treatment, assessment and intervention to resolve their problem or issue as quickly as possible. With over 28 years of experience Robyn explains that the more she works with and understands the foot and lower limb, the more she realises how amazing our bodies are and is in awe of their amazing innate ability to heal when the injured or painful areas are unloaded and the stress load is reduced. Once the root cause of the foot or lower limb pain is determined then the treatment plan can be discussed with the client to achieve the fastest and best outcome. The treatment may involve foot mobilization, stretching daily, strengthening, balance exercises, footwear advice and in some cases custom made or pre-fabricated orthoses.

Robyn shares that each client's condition or issue and their bodies are very individual. Some clients respond very quickly to treatment and for other's the recovery may be longer. Robyn really enjoys helping her clients to walk, run, hike, trek, plays sports in comfort and with confidence and to also assist with preventing further injury or issues.

Feet are for life- get the most mileage from yours with regular treatment and assessment!

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